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10.16.2023: Colorado State Treasurer Dave Young Applauds Employers Offering Retirement Benefits

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Sheena Kadi
Communications Director & Public Information Officer


Colorado State Treasurer Dave Young Applauds Employers Offering Retirement Benefits

Owner of Sazza restaurant, Jeff Rogoff, shares his insight regarding the Colorado SecureSavings Program

Denver, CO: Today, Colorado State Treasurer Dave Young hears from entrepreneur and business owner Jeff Rogoff about his experience with the Colorado SecureSavings Program.

“The team was helpful in getting started with the Colorado SecureSavings Program,” said Jeff Rogoff, Owner of Sazza. “Anytime we are integrating a new process, it can be challenging, but once it was up and running, I found it easy to streamline when doing my payroll.

It only takes five minutes a week to give my employees an opportunity to save for the long term. It's a satisfying feeling to give back to my employees. When I was 20 years old, I didn’t imagine that this program would be possible, and I am very proud to be able to help my team save for their retirement.”


Jeff has over 25 years of restaurant experience. He is a graduate of the University of Denver.  The idea for Sazza was planted in 2004 and by June 2006, Sazza opened its doors in the Cherry Hills Marketplace. Jeff’s outgoing personality is seen on many days and evenings at Sazza in “The Hills” socializing with customers. “I have enjoyed watching Sazza grow to become a beautiful and vibrant part of the community.” The restaurant Sources from local, organic, sustainable growers and suppliers. Compost food scraps and paper hand towels to reduce environmental impact and bring nutrients to the soil.

Jeff continues to discuss his experience with the program. When he first started enrolling his employees into the program, his staff were excited to be saving for the future. They grasped financial literacy and started understanding the power of compounding interest. When his employees would check the retirement savings account, they were so happy to see the progress they made in their savings. 

About SecureSavings Program
Private sector workers, including those who work part-time, are self-employed or seasonal,  now have a simple way to save for their future. This means that gig economy workers - drivers for Uber Eats, for example - are able to plan for a dignified retirement. A self-employed graphic designer can easily enroll in an auto-IRA. Ski instructors who work seasonally have an option to save for retirement. Farm workers who are not offered a 401k option are able to save and plan for their future.

Instead of being tied to the employer like in a traditional retirement plan, the SecureSavings Program is tied to and travels with the employee if and when they move to a different job. So, if a hairdresser moves from Greeley to Grand Junction, the retirement plan travels with them. No more messy paperwork to roll over or combine retirement plans. 

This allows small and medium-sized businesses to be competitive with a broader benefits compensation package. Employers will have the option of sponsoring their own plans, or simply enrolling in the Colorado SecureSavings Program at The Colorado SecureSavings program has over 100,000 savers with almost $19 million saved. Over 12,500 enrolled employers with another 21,700 verifying they already offer a program.