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10.23.2023: Colorado State Treasurer Dave Young Acknowledges Colorado SecureSavings Program for Empowering Financial Futures

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Sheena Kadi
Communications Director & Public Information Officer


Colorado State Treasurer Dave Young Acknowledges Colorado SecureSavings Program for Empowering Financial Futures

Colorado SecureSavings Takes Strides to Close the Retirement Gap


DENVER, COLORADO: In a monumental move towards a more inclusive financial landscape, Colorado announces the successful launch of its innovative state-funded retirement program, Colorado SecureSavings, aimed at narrowing the retirement gap and securing the futures of all its residents. With a commitment to providing accessible and equitable retirement solutions, this initiative signifies a bold step towards achieving financial equality for generations to come.


"Colorado SecureSavings is built on the foundation of equality and empowerment," said Dave Young, Colorado State Treasurer. “Recognizing the glaring disparities that persist in wealth distribution, this visionary program seeks to address the imbalance by ensuring that every individual, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to retire with dignity and security.”


“We’ve designed Colorado SecureSavings to cater to the needs of various income levels and employment statuses. We are excited to see the impact this program has on Colorado,” said Hunter Railey, Colorado SecureSavings Executive Director. “The program is set to offer customizable investment options and educational resources that empower participants to make informed decisions about their financial future.”


“Colorado SecureSavings represents a landmark time in the journey to close the wealth gap, fostering a society where everyone can retire with confidence,” said Daniela Leibovici, Colorado SecureSavings Communications Manager.

Colorado business owners need to decide on their retirement plan options by December 31, 2023. For more information please visit The Colorado SecureSavings Program has over 100,000 savers with almost $20 million saved. Over 12,500 enrolled employers with another 21,900 verifying they already offer a program.


The Colorado SecureSavings Program (CSSP) is an indefinite step towards progress. All eligible residents will have the opportunity to join, removing the barriers that have historically limited access to retirement programs. It offers customizable automated deposits, and participants will benefit from online resources to enhance their financial literacy, ensuring they make confident choices for their retirement savings.


With the successes of the state-run retirement savings programs in California, Illinois, and Oregon, Colorado takes the crucial step to secure low-cost, portable retirement savings options for workers without access to a savings program.