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1.31.2022: February 1st is National Unclaimed Property Day

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For Immediate Release 
Sheena Kadi
Communications Director & Public Information Officer

February 1st is National Unclaimed Property Day

There’s a chance – at least 1 in 10 – that there’s unclaimed property, like gift certificates, unpaid wages, or uncashed checks, with your name on it. And the Great Colorado Payback wants to make sure that you’re reunited with your money. 

“States are required to return unclaimed property to its rightful owner no matter how long it takes,” Dave Young, Colorado State Treasurer and former President of National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators said. “It is your money and it should be with you. It only takes 30 seconds to check if you have money waiting to be claimed.”

Last fiscal year, The Great Colorado Payback returned almost $43 million to 23,462 claimants through our Unclaimed Property Division, and instituted new rules to simplify the claims process, including launching a pilot program which proactively returns funds.  

“Most unclaimed property that comes through our office is cash money. We also receive tangible items, like jewelry, military medals, baseball cards, and family heirlooms. We have mailed 8500 letters to potential owners of unclaimed property in just the last month.”
Bianca Gardelli, Director of Unclaimed Property

Even businesses lose track of property and payments, occasionally resulting in unclaimed property which can be claimed. Corporations, municipalities, schools, nonprofits, hospitals, and small businesses are also listed among the many individuals whose assets are in the possession of the State.

Money or property turned over to the State Treasury for safekeeping is held for the owner or heir of the account and there are no time limits for filing a claim. The Colorado State Treasurer currently maintains a list of over 1.7 million names of individuals as well as businesses for whom property is available.

Go to to search for unclaimed property for individuals, nonprofits, and businesses. 


Vault Door 

Dom Perignon 1993


Over $10,000 worth of gold Coin King George Georgivs V D.G. Great Britain 

Diamond bracelet

Loose emeralds

Purple Heart military medal 

Yogi Berra baseball cards

1789 hatched carved with George Washington’s profile

About The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators
The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) comprises the unclaimed property programs of all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as well as several foreign jurisdictions. The organization’s objective is to facilitate collaboration and otherwise support program administrators in reuniting all unclaimed assets with rightful owners. NAUPA is an affiliate of the bi-partisan National Association of State Treasurers.