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9.26.2022: The Colorado Treasury Launches New Bond Investor Transparency Website

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Sheena Kadi

Communications Director & Public Information Officer

The Colorado Treasury Launches New Bond Investor Transparency Website

New investor website will be used to attract more bond buyers for the State’s bonds starting in October 2022.

Denver, CO - Today, the Colorado Department of the Treasury announced the launch of its new investor relations (IR) website,, to enhance transparency ahead of upcoming short-term notes sales.

The new IR website is focused on potential investors, and is accessible to all who want to learn more about the State, its finances, and the capital program that funds public infrastructure across Colorado. 

The website is powered by BondLink, a financial technology company that has set the standard for investor transparency in the $4 trillion municipal bond market. BondLink also powers the investor transparency of a host of other states across the country, including California, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island. Within the Centennial State, BondLink also partners with the University of Colorado. 

“We’re excited to leverage technology for better transparency. Developing a strong investor relations program is a cornerstone of Colorado’s fiscal health,”  said Dave Young, State Treasurer. “This investor relations website disseminates information effectively, while also engaging current and prospective bondholders.” 

“Investor transparency is absolutely essential for any issuer looking to finance its public infrastructure at low costs,” said Colin MacNaught, Co-Founder and CEO of BondLink. “Given how turbulent the capital markets have become over the last six months, it's even more important. We look forward to partnering with the State and advancing its financing programs.”

Academic research shows that better, more accessible disclosure can lead to lower costs  for municipal issuers and investors. Enhanced issuer transparency has also been a continued point of emphasis from market regulators. 

Click here to view Colorado’s investor relations website and to sign up for notifications.

Media Contact for BondLink
Maddie Hirsch