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Colorado Open Records Requests

What is CORA?

"CORA" stands for "Colorado Open Records Act." In the spirit of open government, the Colorado Open Records Act requires that most public records be available to the public. Anyone can request information that is in the possession of a government office.

Do I need to submit a CORA? 

The Colorado Department of the Treasury values transparency. If you have a question or are looking for information that the Department holds, simply email us at

Where do I submit my records request?

You must submit your request to the custodian of the record- the government office that holds the record itself. There is no central repository for public records or single office that fulfills public records requests in Colorado.

To request records in possession of the Colorado Treasurer's office, send a written request by mail, or email to:

Records Custodian
200 East Colfax, Room 140
Denver, CO 80203

Where can I find more information about CORA requests?

You can read the Colorado Open Records Act (PDF)


The Treasurer's Office may need to recuperate costs for fulfilling large CORA requests. The Treasurer's Office reserves the right to charge to fulfill requests if the request requires producing more than 25 pages of documents or more than three hours of staff time. Any estimated costs will be communicated to the requestor before work on fulfilling the request will begin. Any cost estimates will include the estimated time for staff search, retrieval, redaction, and assembly of any records. The following rates will apply:



Making hard copies of documents$0.25 per page
Non-attorney staff time$20 per hour
Attorney staff time$30 per hour
Other specialized skills$30 per hour

The requesting party must approve and pay half of the estimated costs before any work will begin to fulfill the request. The remaining costs must be paid before any documents are sent to the requesting party.

Please Note: The Treasurer's Office will consider a request abandoned if a representative attempts to contact a requesting party for clarification and the requesting party does not respond within ten business days.