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Economic Justice

As Treasurer, I prioritize the financial health of Colorado and its citizens.

Critical conversations about social justice are coming to the forefront of the public consciousness. I ask that as we fight for social justice, we include economic justice in that conversation. Only when black and brown Coloradans have the same economic opportunity, influence, and power as white Coloradans will we start to see true equity.

Since I was sworn in in January 2019, we have made policy changes that will have a long term impact on the financial opportunity that individuals have, as well as the financial health of the state. From small business loans addressing the immediate financial crisis, to a savings program that will help build generational wealth and long term security, I am committed to fighting for financial wellness and economic justice in Colorado.


The CLIMBER Loan Fund Program leverages up to $250M and will provide capital for loans for small businesses. Funds will be distributed over the next two years and will preserve thousands of at-risk jobs across the State.

While Federal resources have provided a much-needed lifeline for many Colorado businesses, the State anticipates that additional support will be necessary for small businesses that have less capacity and fewer lending opportunities to weather the long-term effects of the downturn than medium to large sized businesses. 

The CLIMBER Fund will provide capital for working capital loans averaging approximately $100k to over 1,000 of the hardest hit businesses that had a track record of success prior to the pandemic. 


The Colorado Secure Savings Program is a Colorado-facilitated program managed by private program administrators and investment fund managers, solicited through a competitive bidding process. This program will give workers the ability to save for their future, by automatically enrolling eligible employees into their own retirement program.