For questions about the Colorado Cashback TABOR refunds, call the hotline at 303-951-4996.


Federal Funds Distribution

Taylor Grazing Act/Sale of Land-Materials Payments

(Section 3 and 15 and Public Law 136)(CRS 35-45-108)

Counties, PDF

These payments are made annually, usually in December or January, depending upon the date the information is received from the federal government.

National Forest Receipts/Federal Flood Control Project Payments

(Act of Congress, May 1908)(CRS 30-29-101 &, 102)

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 National Forest Breakdowns PDF

These payments are made once per year depending upon the date, the information is received from the federal government. See the Federal Payment Summary Report below for county share breakdown by election. Usually the national forest payments are made to counties upon receipt from the federal government, and the flood control payments are made quarterly.

All of these payments will be received in the USPS as a check.

Visit the U.S. Forest Service's Secure Rural Schools, website, for county-level distributions Here

Mineral Lease Payments Prior to July 2008

(Act of February 25, 1920 (Sec 35))(CRS 34-63-101)

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NOTE: The August 2008 distribution was the last distribution of federal mineral lease receipts from the Colorado State Treasury to your jurisdiction.

Senate Bill 08-218, which passed in the most recent state legislative session, made significant changes to the method and process for these distributions of federal mineral lease receipts to local governments.

Starting on July 1, 2008, the local government direct distribution formula payments will be made by the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).,Under the new ANNUAL distribution method the first payment you will receive under the new legislation will be in August 2009.

DOLA will be mailing out informational materials on this new distribution. You can also check their web site.